How To Find The Best Custom Suits

Choosing the Best Custom Suits

More and more people start to forget about Armani and Tom Ford and begin to be interested in custom suits Toronto-made. Buying a bespoke suit is the new trend of the decade. This trend is not affecting only business people, but more and more regular people who want to reap the benefits of wearing a bespoke suit.

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There is definitely something unique about a custom suit made in Toronto. Business people who wear tailor-made suits have much more confidence in themselves and have a lot more success in business. Over the years, this “bespoke suit culture” has skyrocketed, being promoted by both mass media and Hollywood. The Skyfall movie is just an example of this new trend which makes people believe that wearing the right suit can bring your success.

Buying a custom-tailored suit is much more convenient than buying a regular suit. Additionally, the quality of a bespoke suit is superior to that of off-the-rack suits. There are numerous benefits of buying a bespoke suit. Here are 5 of the most important advantages of investing in a custom suit.

Dominate Every Event

A bespoke suit makes you look sharper and gives you a huge boost in self esteem. By having more confidence in yourself, you will be able to dominate every important business event, press conference, presentation and conference.

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Spend Less

Despite the common conception that tailor-made suits cost a fortune, the truth is that many people choose to buy a bespoke suit to spend less. Things are pretty simple – you don’t save money by spending less on the suit, but by spending less time shopping for the right suit.

Instead of going to over 100 outlets and spending precious hours of your time, you only need to go online ( ) and place an order using your measurements. Because time means money, in the end you get to save hundreds of dollars when buying a bespoke suit.

Tailor-Made Suits Fit you Perfectly

Compared to off-the-rack suits that fit just fine, bespoke suits fit you perfectly. For a professional bespoke tailor, “just fine suits” is synonymous with failure. Tailor-made means that the suit is tailored to your unique body shape. You will never be able to get that with a regular suit designed for everybody.

The Level Of Quality Is Superior

There is definitely a difference in the level of quality between off-the-rack suits and tailor-made suits. While the former are put together by machines and assembled in huge industrial factories, bespoke suits are made by people. The attention to detail humans have cannot be matched by any industrial robot.

You Can Enjoy A Wide Range Of Personalization Options

If you are creative and you enjoy personalizing things, then a bespoke suit is perfect for you. You can choose the fabric of your custom suits, select the design, add extra features and personalize your suit according to your own needs. Whether it’s specific pockets, a certain number of buttons or other unique touches, you can impress your business partners and colleagues by making your suit stand out of the crowd.

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How To Find The Right Tailor For You

When it comes to creating your own bespoke suit, it is important to find a tailor that can meet your needs and even exceed your expectations. Here are 3 aspects to consider when searching for a good bespoke tailor.

1. Experience

A well-experienced tailoring company has its own clientele. Look for reviews online and determine if the tailor you want to work with has enough experience and expertise in the area. Study the website and try to determine if he is really genuine.

2. Check the Alteration Policy

Because most men suffer regular fluctuations of weight, the bespoke suit should be made with enough space that does not affect the overall appearance. However, in case you lose or gain over 20 pounds, you need to ensure that your bespoke shop will alter your suit for free.

3. Brand Recognition

Lastly, you need to ensure that the tailor you choose to work with is reputable enough, both locally and internationally. John Ferrigamo Custom Designs is recognized as one of the most trustworthy tailors, offering the best custom suit services to a wide range of clients.

Not only Toronto businesspeople choose John Ferrigamo Custom Designs as their favorite tailor, but people from all around the world order their best custom suits in Toronto by booking appointments at

Now it’s time to order your new bespoke suit and capitalize on the custom-made trend.